Discover the unique and original decorative paper and card patterns from the new Christmas 2021 collection.

A rich offer, which stands out for its quality and attention to detail. In particular, there are 6 new decorative paper patterns and 10 new proposals for greeting cards. The refined tones of blue and silver interact with calligraphic signs in red, white and black; warmer shades of orange and green with golden touches, for a timeless style, are not missing, too.

Costellazione - Remondini lunette
Calligrafia a Natale
Appunti di Natale
Spezie di Natale

An example of this is the elegant Remondini mezzaluna motif, a contemporary reinterpretation of a classic 18th-century Remondini pattern: the delicate harmony of white and blue is enhanced in irregular crescents outlined by golden touches. Inspired by nature and the spectacle of the starry sky, the new Costellazioni fantasy is made of perfect and meaningful geometries.

In the Calligrafia a Natale fantasy, fine calligraphic signs in black and red stand out upon an ivory background and wish Merry Christmas in different languages of the world; the same colours are reproduced on a black background - to recall the slate of a blackboard - in Appunti di Natale, dedicated to the characteristic elements of this period of the year, represented in a stylized way: angels, gift packages, comets, decorated trees and balls.

Flavours and aromas of festive days are embodied in Spezie di Natale: oranges and cinnamon, combined with star anise, berries and sprigs of pine make this paper ideal also to be used as a precious packaging for infusions and teas, but also in the most popular and elegant pastry shops to cover the boxes of chocolates, sweets and traditional focaccia. Tassotti paper, in fact, is printed exclusively in sheets, on an opaque, ecological and acid free support.