Interior design bloggers visited our Factory

Two important interior design bloggers visited our Factory

MaisonLab (Elisabetta Mattiello) and La Tazzina Blu (Camilla Corradi) – two important Italian interior design bloggers – spent a whole day at Tassotti’s. where we open the doors of our world.

The “journey” started following the guide of Giorgio Tassotti, who explained the Remondinian origins of the Company and how the way of working evolved through the years.

The tour continued in the heart of the manufactory: the two bloggers saw the handmade pencils, boxes and books creation, all the phases of the paper printing process; not forgetting the store, where they looked for curiosities, such as printing machines dated back to the 19th Century, domestic use printings and Remondini originals.

At Carteria Tassotti shop, we had a light lunch - courtesy by Golosità Pasticceria Bistrò.
Different products of the Tassotti Christmas Collection have been used for the table setting: the paper shits used as an American towel, the menu was written on the card, the envelops were serviette rings and each place had its own place cards.
A brilliant idea, to reply for the Holidays table.

To Elisabetta and Camilla, now, to size the challenge: telling this “story” of true love for paper using digital media is a possible match, thanks to a constant renewal of Tassotti, which like no other gives a touch of modernity to tradition, always keeping up with the times.
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