Canovian celebrations

Broccato dorato, Pizzo oro - Tassotti

In Possagno, Antonio Canova birthplace, The Canovian celebrations started with the 200th anniversary of the beginning of works on “Tempio Canoviano”, with a programme coordinated by Vittorio Sgarbi, President of Canova Foundation, and Mario Guderzo, the Gypsotheca Director. The Temple, designed by Canova between 1804 and 1818 was inaugurated in 1832, ten years after the death of the great sculptor. Historians consider this Temple “an example of architecture able to bring together ancient Greece and Roman Empire through the Parthenon and the Pantheon”. Engravers and painters gave immediately attention to this example of architecture. In 1838, Sebastiano Lovison made this wonderful large-format engraving, that we propose in facsimile from the original. An extraordinary document realized by the historical Tassotti printing house, not to be missed.

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Available the reprint of “Antonio Canova opere a Possagno e nel Veneto”
1992 edition - by G.B. Vinco da Sesso, pics by Paolo Marton. Italian and English text. € 10.20