The collaboration with the artistic high school Boscardin of Vicenza continues

The collaboration between Grafiche Tassotti and the artistic high school S. Boscardin of Vicenza gets a new landmark: the theatrical production “Arte, Catene e Libertà”, on stage at Astra Theatre in Vicenza on April 27th, will host as main characters also our decorative paper, taken from Remondini originals.
Alessandra Borin - the director, playwright and actress of the production - will tell the story of Rosalba Carriera, the very first female painter in Europe in the XVIII century. For the occasion, she will wear a dress entirely made of Tassotti paper. It is an original and unique dress decorated with amazing details. A creation sculpted into paper aiming to move and surprise.

It is a partnership of excellence the one between the art school S. Boscardin and Grafiche Tassotti, in the spirit of style and distinctiveness, willing to prove that it is still possible to transform, communicate and shape emotions with paper – even in a time when we are more and more tied to technology.

These are excellent premises to pursue this partnership with new and interesting projects. This is the further proof of the fact that choosing to educate while adding value to tradition is the essential step to innovation and experimentation.

Boscardin & Tassotti