FAI requalifies “L’Infinito” hill: Tassotti is part of Leopardian universe too.

In occasion of the bicentenary from the drafting of “L’Infinito”, one of the most famous “Canti” lyrics by Giacomo Leopardi, the restoration work of Santo Stefano ex Convent ancient garden have been completed. Indeed this was the place that inspired the Leopard idyll. The restoration has been promoted by FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano, which protects and enhances the most special and unique places of the Italian historical, artistic and landscape heritage. A reality with which Grafiche Tassotti has the pleasure of collaborating for a long time: the “Carteria” Tassotti has been a FAI place in Bassano for 20 years. In addition, at Giacomo Leopardi house-museum bookshop a selection of Tassotti products selected by FAI will be available. Leopardi house, together with Silvia house and the garden museum, will offer to the public the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Recanati poet world: we are pleased to be part of this journey, in the thought of one of the Italian literature most beloved authors.