Fuorisalone 2016

Guter Erfolg auf Fuorisalone in Mailand - in Brera Design District, mit Fattobene, eine Plattform für die Forschung und die Förderung der italienischen Artikel, die seit vielen Generationen existieren, die einen kleinen Atlas von zeitlosen Symbolen zeigt, mit denen eine Reise in der italienischen Industriegewebe erstellt worden ist.


All objects characterized by beauty, longevity and unique design. The event was proposed to highlight their stories, to then appreciate closely the quality through direct experience. How the website's creators explain it: "Here, even the simplest objects, such as a glue or a notebook, have their share of wonder. Our job is to help people discover it."
Among the chosen patterns, pattern remondini original of the '700 and the modern reinterpretation "archetti azzurri", a more current color trend, in collaboration with the school of art "S. Boscardin".
In addition to Tassotti’s notebooks, there could also be found: la carta aromatica d’Eritrea (Piacenza, since 1927), the Marvis toothpaste (Ludovico Martelli, Florence, since 1908), a soap (Valobra, Genoa, since 1903) and the candle Nautilus (Graziani, Livorno, since 1885), the glue Coccoina (Balma Capoduri, Voghera, since 1927), the stapler Zenith (Balma Capoduri, Voghera, since 1948), the clock Cifra 3 (Solari di Udine, since 1966), a fly-wheel coffee grinder Tre Spade (Forno Canavese, since 1894), a set of traditional objects to make pasta and Pastiglie Leone (Turin, since 1857).
fuorisalone-Tassotti-fattobene.jpg fuorisalone-Tassotti-fattobene-1.jpg

Die New York Times feiert es als ein der acht eindeutigen Ereignisse auf Fuorisalone