Grafiche Tassotti for FATTOBENE


“A walk through history and beauty”, this is the definition of FATTOBENE – Italian Everyday Archetypes: the project – born in 2015 and edited by Anna Lagorio and Alex Carbevali – tells the best of the Made in Italy story and presents itself as a platform for the research and valorization of Italian objects that have existed for generations.

In a volume published by Corraini the curators have collected the archival material made of pictures, postcards, prototypes and advertising posters, through which the story of 35 companies is told, 35 Italian excellences, that with their products have turned into  real icons of everyday life. In order to be selected, each object must have an interesting history, a unique packaging and have been in production for at least forty years.

Among the 35 selected ones there is also Grafiche Tassotti with the “Remondini triangoli” pattern notebook. The decorating motif of the card chosen for the cover and the endpapers is taken from a 1760 xylography engraved at the old Remondini printing house and guarded in the Tassotti-Remondini collection. An example of pattern and shade of colors that still surprises for its modernity.

The company, which last year celebrated 60 years of activity, perfectly represents the right mix of typically Italian artisan mastery, good taste and passion. The Tassotti products are rigorously handmade at the bookbinding of Bassano del Grappa, “fatti bene”, with great attention to detail and love for paper.

The volume is already at the second edition, which will also be presented in Berlin, at the Contemporary Art Museum of Bologna and at the Pinacoteca Agnelli of Torino.