Grafiche Tassotti among PaperWorld Trends.

Once again, Grafiche Tassotti products have been included among the Trends of PaperWorld, the annual trade fair just ended in Frankfurt.

Let's start with the greeting cards: those with oriental illustrations, inspired by the art of Japanese ukiyo, those with more classic patterns in pure "nordic style" such as
"biscotti" or with the delicate graphic signs of the "riccio" (chosen also for ChristmasWorld Trends). All subjects are taken from the Tassotti art prints collection, real inspirations in line with the "hygge" philosophy that is increasingly gaining ground.

Here we also find Tassotti paper and notebooks with the
"pettinato giallo" line, which fits in a warm domestic atmosphere or even with the "geometria fucsia" in shades of purple, which recall the trend colour of the year, as far as the world of interior design is concerned.

Choices that perfectly express Tassotti attitude: providing products that are precious objects, respectful of tradition and at the same time interpreters and precursors of trends in stationery for the next two years.

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