Tassotti products chosen as 2016-2017 trend of PaperWorld in Frankfurt

Tassotti articles have obtained ample room within the "Trends" section at PaperWorld 2016 The 2016 edition of PaperWorld has just ended. Once again, Tassotti articles have obtained ample room within the "Trends" section, which proclaimed which will be the most fashionable styles in the coming year.
In particular, Tassotti patterns predominated in the choices for the floral liberty angle setup. Among others, Foglie Rosa, Provenza Blu, Glicine, Paisley and the historic Scrittura were recaptured on fabric and used to decorate and embellish the exhibition furniture. In addition, in the section graphic vitality the preferences went to the most modern patterns, such as polka dots Aquamarina, absolute novelty of the 2016 catalog.
The umpteenth recognition, which sees Tassotti alongside well known international names, confirms how the company is able to find in the tradition the key for innovation and modernity. 
- Floral liberty -
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- graphic vitality -
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