Important notice

Dear Customer,

in this emergency situation linked to Coronavirus, we would like to confirm that in Grafiche Tassotti we are operational and we are regularly delivering the goods and products you are ordering us.

The company's production activity proceeds safely.

Our e-shop is always up and running, and allows you to receive directly at home the Tassotti products you want and love.

We remind our dealers that for requests and orders, you can contact us at +39 0424 882882 or +39 337 465223, and of course by email at

We also want to remind you that WHO (World Health Organization - 27 February 2020) has confirmed that "To date, there is no epidemiological information to suggest that contact with goods or products shipped from countries affected by the COVID-19 outbreak have been the source of COVID-19 disease in humans.".

A heartfelt wish from the Tassotti family to the whole world, hoping that this situation will be resolved as quickly as possible.

Grafiche Tassotti