Paperworld Trends 2020/2021

Also this year, Tassotti products have been included in the "Paperworld Trends", which decide the trends in the world of stationery and paper for the next two years. In "The Visionary Office", the avant-garde trends that will characterize tomorrow's workplace, as well as the lifestyle for school, gifts, packaging and celebrations, were studied in depth.

Tassotti proposals have been admired in the "Blazing Hotchpotch", "Smooth Sorbet" and "Noble Barrique" sections: some of the chosen patterns are the refined “marmorata”, in the rose gold and blue gold variants, the “mimosa” and “ginestra” floral patterns, the cheerful polka dots, floral patterns and the rediscovered Remondinian snowflakes.

Entitled to "Family Matters", however, the main theme of the "Christmastrends" section, dedicated to the anticipations of the upcoming Christmas season. The in-depth concepts are linked to the positive feelings that accompany this period of the year as solidarity, belonging, sharing; three trends decreed, where our articles once again stood out for their uniqueness and attention to detail: "Silken Party", "Green Ritual" and "Happy Get-together".

By offering interpretations of style to the market that immediately become trends, Tassotti confirms itself as the bearer of innovation and stands out for its ability to intercept the tastes and needs of contemporary living.

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