Tassotti: creative show on decorative paper

How a Tassotti notebook is made? Its creative making, with all its phases, represents a fascinating journey in the Tassotti world. Last Saturday, 13th April, a creative show on the Tassotti decorative paper took place at the Cartoleria Galla in Vicenza, where an expert artisan showed how the assembly of all the elements of a notebook works: from bookmarks to capitals, through the elastic band and the cover: all colored - en pendant or contrasting nuances - with the different range of papers that can be chosen to make a “bespoke” notebook.
The presence of Anna Schettin – calligrapher with a longstanding experience – was engaging and fascinating, she personalized greetings cards and small handbooks hand-made for all the visitors.
There is nothing more eclectic than the paper, which let everyone express their creativity and transform everyday-items in precious things, in memories to treasure. Exactly what Tassotti keep on teaching us, since 1957.
Galla Tassotti 1
Galla Tassotti 2
Galla Tassotti 5
Galla Tassotti 9
Galla Tassotti 3
Galla Tassotti 4
Galla Tassotti 6
Galla Tassotti 7
Galla Tassotti 11
Galla Tassotti 10