Tassotti promotes the VI Biennale of Engraving and Contemporary Graphic of Bassano

Grafiche Tassotti is the technical sponsor of the VI Biennale of Engraving and Contemporary Graphic (1st June – 19th August, Galleria Civica; Bassano del Grappa), exhibition to which the historical printing house based in Bassano, always attentive about the activities related to the territory, has been offering its contribution since the first edition.
The idea of the exhibition, which supports the promotion and enhancement of the engraving art in Bassano del Grappa, was born since the 90’s when Giorgio Tassotti, who at the time coordinated the graphic operators team of the area, created the School for Graphics A. Remondini.
The happening is linked to the great remondinian heritage, treasured in Palazzo Sturm, that will be hosting the exhibition Albrecht Dürer The Remondini collection until the 30th of September, offering in full the graphic treasure of the German Master.
The Remondini heritage always distinguishes the activity of Tassotti, that since 1957 is able to inflect the artwork of the printing house considered the biggest contemporary one in Europe during the Eighteenth century, combining tradition and innovation, handcraft ability and love for paper.
Tassotti made possible the realization of the Biennale catalogue: enriched with a personal dedication by Giorgio Tassotti, it’s a gift that testifies how private and public realities can establish a profitable dialogue, in the belief that spreading the culture of past can inspire the present and the future.
It’s a result that Chiara Casarin, director of the Musei Civici, defines “manufacturing culture”: the exhibition, in fact, made possible, starting from an ancient technique, to update the museum archive with new artworks.