Welcome to Van Gogh's exhibition

Tassotti paper chosen for the “welcome kit” prepared for Confcommercio Vicenza, on the occasion of the “Van Gogh tra il grano e il cielo” exhibition.

Precious Tassotti papers in “Vicenza” fantasy, coordinated with cards, maps and greeting cards make the “welcome kit” destined to visitors of the important exhibition “Van Gogh tra il grano e il cielo” at the Basilica Palladiana of Vicenza until 8th April 2018.
An initiative organized by Stefano Soprana – president of the association “Centro Storico” that gathers together the retailers of the Historical Center of Vicenza – and supported by Confcommercio, which plans specific exhibitors in 60 shops giving the kits. Every retailers could chose, among the different parts of the kit, the best one for their clients.
A group of excellences that once again Tassotti will represent, making the name of Vicenza great in the world.
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