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12 mai 2023

Dietro il paesaggio. Stati generali della letteratura in Veneto

Carteria Tassotti supports the initiative "Dietro il paesaggio. Stati generali della letteratura in Veneto", taking place in Villa Angaran San Giuseppe from 23rd to 25th June 2023.

Culture and territory: two fundamental elements for Grafiche Tassotti.
Heir to Remondini's Printing House - active in the area from 1657 to 1861 and considered by historians to be the most important printing house in Europe at the time - Tassotti is also the publisher of photo volumes of the Veneto region, guides to the area and books on the Great War.

The importance of the local dimension belongs to the company's DNA: it has always been attentive to and involved in initiatives of high cultural value and promotion of Bassano area, collaborating with the Civic Museums and institutions, promoting exhibitions and events.

These include the exhibition "Dietro il paesaggio. Stati generali della letteratura in Veneto', taking place at Villa Angaran San Giuseppe, from 23 to 25 June.
Dietro il paesaggio (Behind the Landscape) aims to stimulate precise themes, such as the relationship with the landscape, the relationship with language, and the dialectic between ancient and modern, which still today continue to characterise various literary experiences in the region.

For the occasion, Carteria Tassotti - our flagship store in Bassano del Grappa - has created 10 thousand bookmarks*, which will be distributed from May with all the books borrowed at the Civic Library or purchased at the Palazzo Roberti Bookshop, co-organisers of the event.

The project is divided into several events, which will involve some representatives of contemporary Veneto literature with the aim of stimulating a discussion on the direction of literature in and of Veneto region. Three days of round tables, seminars, artistic moments, creative writing workshops, and readings.

To consult the complete programme:

The event is sponsored by the Veneto Region and the Municipality of Bassano del Grappa, on the initiative of Villa Angaran San Giuseppe, Alba Pratalia, Libreria Palazzo Roberti, Carteria Tassotti, and Museo Biblioteca Archivio di Bassano del Grappa. The event is supported by Fondazione Banca Popolare di Marostica - Volksbank.


* The bookmarks' graphics were created by the ocho editorial staff at Villa Angaran San Giuseppe.

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