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31 May 2023

Participants in the European research project HEPHÆSTUS on artistic handicrafts hosted by Carteria

Some days ago we welcomed participants in the research project HEPHÆSTUS in our Carteria showroom in Bassano del Grappa.

Funded by the European Commission and dedicated to the economic, social and environmental role of artistic handicrafts, the project is led by Copenhagen Business School and sees Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia playing a leading role, together with other important entities from the academic, associative and institutional world. Given our long activity as printers and heirs of the Remondini printing house (active in Bassano in the 18th century and the largest in Europe), we at Grafiche Tassotti were also involved from the very beginning.


The HEPHÆSTUS project had its kick-off meeting on 27th May at the Museo Civico in Bassano del Grappa: during the event, some postcards specifically printed by us and depicting an illustration of the Swedish Funny Livdotter were distributed to participants.

Five 'regional ecosystems' are involved in the project, each with a long tradition of craftsmanship (Bornholm in Denmark, Dals Långed in Sweden, Faroe Islands, Venice and Bassano del Grappa).

The aim of the project is to "investigate the intersection between management, design, technology, and artistic craftsmanship, with the aim of enhancing the role of traditional creative manufacturing in contemporary societies. Thus telling new dimensions and opportunities for the preservation and promotion of arts and crafts that have shaped our history and that - through innovative business models - will also shape the future.

A feeling close to our values: we are convinced that quality craftsmanship represents a fundamental boost for the identity of our territory and not only; it is a pillar of the global path towards a creative and sustainable economy, capable of worthily enhancing cultural heritage and activity. Having been chosen as one of the sectors and excellences involved in this initiative encourages us to support this kind of initiative more and more.

Simultaneously, also in Bassano, the exhibition Atmospheres of Craft opened at Palazzo Sturm until 30th June. The artistic collective D20 ART LAB has conceived a sort of travel diary going through these territories, to capture their "unique atmosphere", as the title itself says, and show images, voices, and objects somewhere between myth, symbolism and the enchantment of everyday life.

In Palazzo Sturm, it is also possible to visit the Remondini Museum, with original period pieces.



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