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Vegetable soap "Freesia"
Vegetable soap "Freesia"

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Product code: SA200.218

Vegetable soap "Freesia"

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Vegetable soap of 200 gr. - Freesia fragrance
Packaged with decorative paper 85 gr. "Fiore di pesco" cod. 218

In various parts of the world they call it "the paper that breathes." The Tassotti paper in fact, for its peculiarities of a mix with ecological raw material, the opaque natural surface and the impression with unscented and indelible inks, they make it unique for for wrapping natural products that have "to breathe" the external air not to harden and in the same time giving off their perfumed essence.

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Product code: SA200.218

Vegetable soap of 200 gr. - Freesia fragrance
Packaged with decorative paper 85 gr. "Fiore di pesco" cod. 218

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"Exceptional" from our customers

Good quality paper lovely designs

Lesley T. from Radlett, United Kingdom

Bellissima carta ,packaging di arrivo come una volta,servizio di consegna velocissimo. Pienamente soddisfatta!!

Veronica B. from Prato, Italy

Always excellent - website is clear so there is never any doubt about what one is buying. Lovely papers which I use for bookbinding and they are always perfect quality. Delivery was unproblematic.

Ursula J. from Stonehouse, United Kingdom

Carta meravigliosa.

Carla V. from Firenze, Italy

La carta con limoni e arance è perfetta per il mio decoupage. La consiglio vivamente. Buccheri , SR , Italia

Maria C. from Buccheri, Italy

Vi ho conosciuto a Bassano e mi sono innamorata delle vs. carte, dei vs. biglietti, del vostro “Tutto”. Questa estate ho trovato il negozio chiuso ma non mi sono scoraggiata , ho trovato il Vs. sito e ho risolto il problema. I miei amici sono solitamente entusiasti prima del fuori e poi dell’interno dei pacchetti. Continuate così, siete magnifici!!!! Piera

Piera G. from Trecate, Italy

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