Tassotti Collection 2023

New decorative papers, greeting cards, diaries, notebooks, bookmarks and home decor items.

The Floral and Botanical Theme
The bright, springlike tones of 'Peonie' (Peonies) stand out, where fresh, bright shades of pink are in line with the latest interior design trends. Delicate and elegant in its soft and sophisticated nuances, ‘Non ti scordar di me’ (Forget-me-not) with its iconic bright blue colour, on which a butterfly rests gracefully, featured also in the large and small size greeting cards.
Also evocative is the 'Foglie di fantasia' (Fantasy Leaves) pattern, where shades of magenta and teal meet to create a marvellous play of chiaroscuro, with leaves in penetrating colours that make the paper perfect for autumn too.

Remondinian classics
The beating heart of Tassotti's production are the Remondinian motifs revisited in a modern key.  A perfect harmony between past and present is the ‘Remondini mazzetti fiori’ (Remondini bouquets flowers) pattern, which is renewed in shades of green and turquoise with a hint of red, in a new contemporary and gritty look. In support of the current theme of ecology, ‘Remondini foglie e fiori’ (Remondini leaves and flowers) confirms the brand's green philosophy.

Among the 20 new papers and cards the ‘Sole e luna’ (Sun and Moon) pattern also stands out: an enchanted scenario where dreams and wakefulness mingle, the sun and the moon meet in a starry sky. Perfect to cover the book 'Pensieri notturni’ (Night Thoughts), where one’s most intimate and profound reflections are kept.
Against a clear and neutral background, ‘Crucipuzzle’ is a crossword puzzle of thanking, a delightful multicoloured weave of "thank you" translated into various languages. ‘Monotype’ is a tribute to the historical automatic typographic machine, a paper with a retro flavour, where the iconic grey, black, red and blue keys create a harmonious and sober chequerboard, suitable for even the most formal occasions.

Proposals for bookmarks, shoppers and box sets have also been enriched.