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31 janvier 2024

Tassotti: the artistic legacy of the Remondini family relives in Venice

The historic Bassano-based company is an illustrious guest at the Matrice colore ornato exhibition at the Marciana Library.

The ancient art of printing and decorative paper, once a symbol of Bassano del Grappa thanks to the famous Remondini printing house, lives again today through the works of Tassotti.

The recent exhibition at the Biblioteca Marciana di Venezia, "Matrice colore ornato - carte per legare e coprir libri", highlights the valuable contribution of the Remondini printing house, celebrating its cultural and artistic heritage.

Nicole Tassotti, owner of Grafiche Tassotti, expresses her pride: "Our company has always been inspired by the history of the city of Bassano del Grappa and particularly by the Remondini printing house, of which we feel to be the moral heirs. The warm and personal invitation to participate in the exhibition, focused primarily on Remondini ornate papers, confirms the deep bond that our company maintains with its historical roots."

The exhibition, curated by Rosalia Claudia Giordano in collaboration with Claudia Benvestito and Renata Tiozzo, offers a journey through the use of woodcut papers in bookbinding and covering, with over a hundred examples on display, many of which were produced by Remondini.

"This exhibition is not only a tribute to the past, but also an opportunity to reflect on one's own role in preserving and promoting this unique tradition,"  emphasizes Tassotti.


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