Stamperia Remondini

Bassano became famous all over the world between 1657 and 1861 due to the impressive publishing work of the Remondini firm. In the eighteenth century it had 18 moveable type presses, 24 chalcographic presses and employed more than 1000 workers.
The typical products were prayer books, popular prints, wallpapers and book binding papers.
They were distributed by itinerant salesmen throughout Europe, in Russia and even America.
The fall of the Venetian republic marked the decline of the Remondinis and in 1861, after 200 years of prodigious activity, the production lines were separated and sold off to various manufacturers. The dies for the decorative papers went from Bassano to Varese, giving rise to Varese paper.




The Tassotti Printing Works

In 1957 Giorgio Tassotti resumed the Remondini’s old business and began once again presenting hand-coloured prints.
In the 1970s the range was expanded with decorative papers, stationery items in paper and canvas named Cartascrittura, greeting cards and art prints; the current catalogue now has more than 2000 items.
Today, Grafiche Tassotti is a family company operating in Bassano del Grappa from its own production plant.
All the products in the Tassotti catalogue, from decorative and gift papers to art prints, Cartascrittura stationery items, greeting cards and precious, numbered editions are made entirely at the company’s premises.

Storia Tassotti
Storia Tassotti
Storia Tassotti
Storia Tassotti


Exposition of the originals from 1657 to 1861.
The Remondini-Tassotti collection can be visited in our "Carteria Tassotti" shop, while the local Museo Civico has a section dedicated to Remondini printshop.